Growing The Ecosystem (tokenomics)

The many ways we continue built DMT for sustainable growth

Dark Matter Dividend

The Dividend Contract is key to the enrichment of the DMT ecosystem. This model, created by the DMT team, is designed to sustain the community of creators, artists, and liquidity providers so they can all pursue their own passion projects. The interface for it is called "Dark Matter Dashboard". You can check it out here:

How does it work? Profits from Dark Matter projects will be split in half to buy DMT on our Quickswap DMT/ETH pair. The bought DMT together with remaining ETH will be used to provide liquidity in return getting LP tokens. LP tokens will be sent to the Dividend contract and split between staked participants. Example with Million Pixels Each Pixels NFT costs 0.001 ETH to purchase. 1. 85% of this sale goes to LP providers 2. Half of the 85% will be used to buy DMT on Quickswap DMT/ETH pair 3. We now have a proportional amount of DMT and ETH which will be added as liquidity 4. Liquidity Pool tokens gets sent to the Dividend contract 5. Staked participants in the Dividend contract splits the LP token profit