Introduction to Dark Matter

Welcome to Dark Matter. We're glad you're here.

Dark Matter strives to be much more than a a run-of-the-mill cryptocurrency project and, instead, looks beyond the horizon to become a group of builders on the Blockchain that works together to create one-of-a-kind projects with user experiences at the forefront.

Being a true intersection of artwork and NFTs in the DeFi space, Dark Matter encourages the community to work together to create and build decentralized applications (Dapps) that enrich not only the Dark Matter Ecosystem, but cryptocurrency as a whole.

The Dapps are encouraged to be anything within the realm of imagination, whether that be virtual art galleries, new games, or an array of other possibilities. As visions grow and change, so does our entire ecosystem. Being built on the Polygon/Matic Network, Dark Matter continues to evolve to make the entire crypto space a better place to create and explore.

Some things we've currently been working on are as follows: Million Pixels: Dark Matter Dashboard:

Recent Updates

  • New Website Release

  • Completion of: CoinGecko, Livecoinwatch, Delta, and Blockfolio Listings

  • Million Pixel Project Release

  • Dividend Contract Update

  • Million Pixels batch buy update

  • Dark Matter Dashboard released!

  • CoinGecko Information update (NFT tag and circ. supply)

  • has been released!

  • We are now on CoinMarketCap! (CMC)

Current Works in Progress

  • Million Pixel improvements

  • New landing page for

  • Universal NFT bridge from Ethereum to Polygon

  • Dark Matter Citadel benefits

  • Grafana dashboard to track all stats

  • Optimize queries

  • Dark Matter Ecosystem medium post