Million Pixels


Blending the artistry of NFTs along with an incredible digital community results in the one-of-a-kind Million Pixels Project! Easily accessible, 1M Pixels is designed for anyone to trade and sell NFTs and gives uses the chance to create any design anything they wish from purchased pixel spots. Each pixel in the project is its own NFT which and can be bought off the 1M Pixels site for 0.001 ETH. 85% of the sales go to Liquidity Providers in the Dividends Contact and 15% goes to the dev team. Million Pixels is currently on the Matic/Polygon Blockchain for more information on getting set up on Matic check our FAQ.

(X 493 - Y 243) - (X 507 - Y 257) as of 13/03/21

Portfolio Tracker

The portfolio tracker is where users can get some of their work done on Million Pixels. Here users can see what they own and make their own personalized edits such as changing colors of their Pixel. It's recommended to just change colors by clicking on a pixel on the canvas and then the "buy" button should change to "update".

To access the portfolio tracker click "edit pixels".

Color Changing Example

Users can change their pixel colors for a fee no more than a normal Polygon/Matic transaction (Approx 0.000023 Matic).


Coming soon. Preliminary Plan Secondary sale distribution: - 85% to seller - 10% to DMT liquidity providers (on Quickswap) - 5% to the dev team

For more information on DMT's Million Pixels Project: