Polygon (Formerly Matic)

All the benefits for the Polygon/Matic Network


Polygon/Matic provides a Proof of Stake (POS) blockchain with working and flexible bridge to Ethereum Network. It's inherently secured by Ethereum Network and work WITH with Ethereum and NOT against like other blockchains like Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


Moving to the Polygon/Matic network is done to create more financial sense for the investor/user. Polygon/Matic combats the high gas fees that plague the ETH network. For example, each transaction on Matic costs around $0.0000115 per transaction, which could almost be considered free transactions.

Find out more about connecting to the Polygon/Matic network in our FAQ.

Why DMT Believes in Polygon/Matic

There are numerous reasons for the DMT's team to believe in the Polygon/Matic network. We we've seen with the growth of the Binance Smart Chain over the course of the year, their is a growing need for cheaper alternatives to make cryptocurrency transactions. Ethereum is going to look for alternatives that help their chain out and Polygon/Matic fits the bill. This along with the introduction of Quickswap and the continuing growth in liquidity in Polygon/Matic projects show that more and more investors every day are looking into Polygon/Matic projects but the market is nowhere near saturated and instead is just starting to thrive.

The case for Polygon/Matic in a world of NFTs

NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain are in the midst of a meteoric rise. This rise gives value to Polygon/Matic in an extreme way and the bullet points of explanation are below.

  • NFTs hold their value in the Ethereum Blockchain

  • The large, thriving Ethereum NFT community will never move to a new chain such as BSC.

  • The largest drawback of the Ethereum chain is the high gas fees and the NFT community is feeling pressure due to the emergence of the BSC and their new NFTs

  • This causes the Ethereum NFT community to look for alternatives such as Polygon/Matic due to it's ability to bridge between ETH and Polygon/Matic, including NFTs

With such a large need, it stands to reason that Dark Matter can thrive by being one of the building blocks of Polygon/Matic's NFT space.