Dark Matter History

A timeline of achievements. Check out https://darkmattertoken.medium.com/ history for more


October Dark Matter Token Airdrop (Details located in the FAQ section)

November - December Dark Matter Origins release, allowing users the ability to Mint various NFTs by solving specific riddles.



February Redirection of vision. Created Independence from yTSLA project with the focus of turning Dark Matter into something bigger and more accessible to the masses. Million Pixels Project Launch. First Dapp on the Polygon/Matic Network. Dashboard released improving user experience in entering the dividends contract.

March Million Pixels improvements and added functionality. Users can import pictures direct, buy in batchs. Improved visuals, users can now see balances and total pixels sold Q2 April Tokenflip.io Project launch. Utilzing Chainlink Verified Random Function (VRF) on the Polygon/Matic Network.

Visual Journey Map